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There is nothing else like them on the market. These Money Posters can be laminated, framed or taped to a wall or the back of a door in your home and business office. Make room for Prosperity!! ORDER YOUR GOOD LUCK MONEY POSTERS NOW.


MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY: If you own a retail business or are just looking to earn an extra $500 or more a month, consider selling our one-of-a-kind Currency Posters. When people see our money posters in person, they become motivated buyers. Contact Us


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Our Unique
'Prosperity' and 'Good Luck' Posters


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The Prosperity

Abundance & Happiness
with Positive Thoughts
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USA Currency

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Both of our unique currency posters have large, sharp and clear images of the rarely seen large denomination U.S. notes. The $100,000 note was only used by Federal Reserve District Banks for inter-bank transfers; the other large denomination notes were taken out of circulation in 1969 for lack of use.

Stimulate Your Wealth Corner
Our Currency Posters are a powerful and inexpensive Feng Shui Cure. The money images and positive thoughs are excellent for enhanced prosperity, financial success and abundance, using the principles of Feng Shui.

Earn $1,500 - Sell 150 Currency Posters
We have partnered with a number of non-profit groups that have used our inspirational Prosperity Posters successfully for fund raising purposes in the past. If your organization would like to earn thousands of dollars for any worthwhile purpose, consider using our unique Prosperity Posters. These money posters virtually sell themselves. Most people have never seen the $100,000, $10,000, $5,000, $1,000 & $500 notes and they really enjoy studying the wonderful positive thoughts and affirmations. In addition these newly updated currency posters are not readily available for sale at local retail stores. Put the FUN back in FUNDRAISING. We will provide a bonus discount to help support your fundraising effort. Contact us.


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